Intel® AMT

One usage of the mesh technology that is attracting attention involves using it to perform out-of-band connections to computers from anywhere in the world. We use both our cloud server at and the peer-to-peer mesh technology to route traffic to any Intel AMT computer on any mesh enabled local network. To get started, download the Mesh Connector and start setting up a new mesh network. If some of your computers are Intel AMT enabled, you can then download and use the Manageability Commander Tool Mesh Edition to find and manage all your Intel AMT computers.

This special edition of Manageability Commands allows:
  • Automatic detection of all mesh enabled Intel AMT computer on your local network.
  • Support P2P single-sign on. Allowing a single sign-on while keeping Intel AMT passwords fully random.
  • Computer power state monitoring using platform power state information given by Intel AMT.
  • Support Intel AMT management from anywhere using our MeshCentral cloud server for traffic routing.

 Manageability Commander Mesh Edition
 MSI Installer, BSD 2.0 license.