This project intends to create software that has a wide array of possible applications, from repairing computers remotely to creating a super-computer clusters, this project can acts as a key enabling middle ware for many other applications, but it also will come with many interesting features out of the box.
  • Easy setup. Use the custom tools to generate a mesh agent installer of your own, put the installer on a USB key, network drive, CDROM and install it on all of the computers in your network. Without any prompts, each new computer will automatically join the mesh network and start monitoring each other.
  • Easy monitoring. As new computers join the mesh network, they will also show up on the mesh management tool. This tool can be used to locate and monitor the state of all of the computers on the mesh. The tool can be run on any computer at any time since the location and state of each computer is stored throughout the mesh network.
  • Intel AMT setup. Computers that have Intel AMT support will automatically be detected. The management tool will give the administrator options to activate Intel AMT without the need for a central setup and configuration server. Once activated, all of the features of Intel AMT are now available for use, in addition, computers with Intel AMT will continue to be part of the mesh network even in low power states.
  • Web management. In the future, the mesh network can also be connected to a web service. Only one computer per network needs to keep a connection with the web service, it works with proxies and firewalls and the administrator can log into the web site to check on the state of all of the computer on the network and perform management operations.
  • Scalable deployments. Once setup, the mesh can be used to perform scalable deployments of new software and patches. The new software only needs to be sent once to a node in a local network, once there, it will propagate to other nodes automatically. This works even if nodes reconnect to the network later.
  • Security. The mesh network is built on know security systems, all critical traffic is encrypted, authenticated so that no single outside software or node can interfere with the proper workings of the mesh. For users interested, we have an overview of mesh security.
These are only a few of the benefits of using peer-to-peer manageability. To learn more about how we accomplish this, read our concept overview page.

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Updated: 9/12/2009