Screen shot of the Mesh State Monitor Tool with a few computers meshed together. On this network, the "DevBox" computer has two network interfaces and so, it is in the middle of two connectivity groups. A more typical picture has only one large connectivity circle. The color of the nodes represents their power state, lighter colors are sleeping nodes and white nodes are node that respond to ARP but otherwise the mesh agent is not responding.

The Mesh Controller Tool shows all the computers in the mesh as a users would see them. Computer specific information is displayed below the list of computers. This tool can also be used to create a new mesh and join computers into a mesh.

The Mesh Power Monitoring Tool keeps track for the power state of each computer on the network on generates a graph and score. It keeps a text file with all of the results and users can move backwards and see previous day's data. Currently, this application needs to run all the time to keep collecting the data. In the future, a web service should perform the data collection function and so, no single tool or computer anywhere on the mesh would need to stay running.

One of the many possible usages for the mesh network is to help manage computers that support Intel AMT. The following is an example of a console that reads data from the mesh to detect which computers support Intel AMT and allows easy access using mesh single sign-on.