In this first video, we show how to setup the mesh on many computers. First, you install the mesh tools and create a mesh installer. Then, you run the installer on many computers. Each time a new computer is added, it will show up on the mesh tools.

Mesh Setup

In this second video, we demonstrate the mesh tools that show what is going on. These visualization tools are not typically used by end-users, but they are interesting to see what is going on in the background. We also show a management console tool used along with the mesh to detect computers and manage them.

Mesh Tools

In this last video, we show how to use the console tool to enable Intel AMT for the mesh network. In this case, Intel AMT must already be activated and functioning. Once functioning, with the press of a button, you enter the Intel AMT administrator password and the tool generates the mesh guest account and encrypts the administrator for mesh distribution. After that, administrator sign-on is done using a single mesh password.

Intel AMT enabling