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This is a quick overview of the web pages you will see when running MeshCentral2. To get started you need to install Node, download MeshCentral2, extract it and run "node meshcentral". That is all, packages will be automatically downloaded and the site will start. The first screen you will see is the login screen.

Then, you can create a new user. The first user created on the web site will be administrator on the web site. You can then grant other users site administration rights. Once you create an account, you can create a new mesh in the "My Account" tab. This is a group of computers you will manage.

MeshCentral2 will support many types of meshes, but for now, we only support Intel AMT agent-less mesh. In the future we will add the Mesh Agent mesh that is more familiar to MeshCentral users. Once you create a mesh, you can click on it and see the mesh settings and users.

You can now go back to "My Devices" and start adding devices. In a Intel AMT agent-less mesh, you need to add Intel AMT devices by hitting the "Add Device" link.

Once you enter Intel AMT host, user and password. The device will be added to the device list. You can click on a device to get device information, change device name and icon.

You can click in the desktop tab to perform Intel AMT hardware KVM session.

The "Intel AMT" tab has all of Mesh Commander build into the site. So you can see and edit Intel AMT settings.

In the future we will add many more features, right now it's very early and no where near the feature set of the original MeshCentral.