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There are a few screen shots of Mesh Commander, gives you a quick view of what this tool can do. First, we have a computer selector. You can enter your Intel AMT computer host names and credentials and connect to them.

When you connect to a computer, you first see the general information screen. Basic information like power state, unique identifier and basic settings.

Mesh Commander comes with a full Intel AMT Hardware KVM viewer. Built entirely in Javascript, it takes advantage of  image compression Intel AMT provides. The source code to this viewer is in the source package and in the samples, so you can add this to your own projects.

Mesh Commander also comes with a VT100 terminal that connects to Intel AMT Serial-over-LAN feature. You can access the Intel AMT serial port remotely with has a bunch of interesting possibilities.

Mesh Commander can view both the Intel AMT event log and audit log. In both cases, you can save the logs to file or use the filter box to quickly find the events you are looking for.

Configuring all of the network settings of Intel AMT can be a big problem, but Mesh Commander has it all on one screen. You can setup IPv4 and IPv6 network settings, turn on wireless and setup wireless profiles.

You can also setup other user accounts in Intel AMT. This allows the administrator to delegate some features to others.

Mesh Commander has plenty more features. Probably the best feature of all is that it's open source and fully web based. So you can install it on an IIS web server in your network and all you need is a browser to manager all of you Intel AMT systems.