MeshCentral Installation

Installing MeshCentral is really easy. First, you need to get the latest version of NodeJS installed on your computer. It's available for Windows, Linux, OSX at After that, use npm to download and install the MeshCentral module. Full instructions for npm installation are on the npm web site.

MeshCentral can run from the command line or as a Windows Service. It should look like this from the console.

If you run the server with TLS, the browser will generate a warning when you connect to the server using HTTPS. One easy solution is to install a new trusted root in the your browser's certificate store. You can get the root certificate by clicking on the link in the bottom right on the screen:

After installing the new root certificate, you should see the browser fully authenticate the server correctly. In the case of FireFox, the padlock will turn green and no warnings will be displayed.

That is pretty much it. If you run into any problems, make sure you are using the latest NodeJS. After the server is started, open a browser to the server port and follow the steps in the screen shot page.