is an entirely web based remote management tool of your Intel® AMT computers. For the first time, Intel AMT can be managed entirely from a browser, opening up many new possibilities and making it significantly easier to take advantage of hardware management provided by Intel® vPro.

This tool is available as a standalone download, as a IIS website or as part of a alternative version of LMS. By setting up the IIS version of the tool, people can access Intel AMT features without installing anything, just navigate to a web address. Built-in support for KVM, SOL and IDE-R along with logs, configuration options and much more means you have full access to Intel AMT features in a single place.

MeshCommander is replacing the Manageability Developer Tool Kit (MDTK) available below as we are working to make Intel AMT more web friendly. The MeshCommander package also provides source code and samples so you can built your own web based Intel AMT tools.

. A complete remote computer management web site you can download and run in minutes. It's much like the original MeshCentral, but completely re-built using NodeJS. Easy to install and operate, runs on many platforms including Linux and Windows. This project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

Once you get your MeshCentral server installed, you then install agents on remote computers and once the agent connects back, you can immediately take control over the remote computer over the Internet. You can do remote desktop, remote terminal and remote access to files. This server has support for Intel® AMT, but it's not required. MeshCentral can be installed on a local network without any fixed IP address, or on the Internet and hosted using many of the major hosting providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. is currently still running v1 of the software, but will be updated to v2 in the future.
Active Platform Management Demystified
: Unleashing the Power of Intel® VPro™ Technology. Has your IT organization felt the need for accurate asset management, reduced downtime with fewer deskside visits, and improved malware prevention and response? Active Platform Management Demystified describes the manageability and security features in PCs equipped with Intel® vPro™ Technology which includes Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).

Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies. A set of development and reference tools for creating software that is compatible with the UPnP specifications. These tools includes generic devices and control points, stack generation tools and UPnP AV debug and reference tools. Most of the tools are written in C# but small C/C++ stack can also be generated. This project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

Manageability Developer Tool Kit. A set of open source tools for management for computer that supportIntel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) . This package includes many tools and source code for developers interested in building their own application or users who want to learn about Intel AMT. It's internationalized into English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French thanks to community support. When possible, these tools have also been enhanced to make use of the peer-to-peer networking system also available on this site. This project is being replaced by Mesh Commander.

Resource Translator.
This open source tool makes it easy to internationalize .NET application into many languages. This tool will parse all of the resources files (.resx) in a complete directory tree and generate a full dictionary of all of the strings in many languages. This tools can then be used to translate the strings or export and import them in other formats. We also support Google Translate to make it easy to get started with translations.

WebRTC stack. This open source WebRTC data channel stack is built in pure portable C code and has C# bindings along with a full C# sample application. You can quickly add WebRTC data connection capability to most native applications. The stack makes use of OpenSSL for security and dTLS. It's a great way to learn about how WebRTC works or for advanced developers, use it to make native and web applications work together over the Internet.

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