In an effort to make Intel® AMT easier to use, to support cross platform and over the Internet usages, we are building a new version of the MDTK that is fully written in JavaScript. There are many advantages in doing this, but above all, it just makes a lot of sense. With HTML5 being very capable, it's a lot easier for administrators to use  web applications that interact with Intel AMT within a browser, making the local installation of tools a thing of the past in some cases.

Below, we have a new version of Manageability Commander that is fully written in JavaScript and uses a new WSMAN stack, redirection stack along with remote desktop and remote terminal libraries. You can use this new version as-is or can download the source code and samples to build your own web based Intel AMT tools. Also look at the overview presentation and screen shots. If you have Intel AMT 11.6+, take a look at the firmware version



MeshCommander 0.6.8
MSI installer, WIN32 executable, Apache 2.0 License.
Install .NET first on Windows7 and older
MeshCommander for IIS, Source & Samples 0.6.8
ZIP Archive, Apache 2.0 License
MicroLMS 0.4.4, LMS alternative with built-in Commander
ZIP Archive, WIN32 executable, Apache 2.0 License
MeshCommander on NPM
NodeJS version for Linux, OSX, Windows
MeshCommander User's Guide v0.0.1
PDF document.

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    v0.6.8 - View-only and special keys in KVM, updated TLS setup.
    v0.6.7 - Fixed boot order problem, added PEM certificate format support.
    v0.6.6 - Fixed power action issue.
    v0.6.5 - Improved support for Intel® Remote Secure Erase and many fixes.
    v0.6.4 - Standard manageability fix, added -log:[file] and -norefresh support.
    v0.6.3 - Fixed Serial-over-LAN, added power action debug.
    v0.6.2 - Added device grouping and KVM screen blanking.
    v0.6.1 - Bug fixes, reconnects KVM on power transitions.
    v0.6.0 - Improved WIFI profile validation, fixed a version problem in previous rev.
    v0.5.9 - Fixed problem with setting a static IP address.
    v0.5.8 - Fixed IDER+TLS and wireless configuration on some systems.
    v0.5.7 - Improved custom power actions, computer list up/down keys.
    v0.5.6 - Fixed computer list UI and rapid disconnect/reconnect issue.
    v0.5.5 - Added support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.
    v0.5.4 - Bug fixes, Event subscription scripting and more.
    v0.5.3 - Improved certification management and mutual-TLS support.
    v0.5.2 - Added IDER support over TLS connections.
    v0.5.1 - Fixed boot to diagnostic mode.
    v0.5.0 - Added RCMP detection & scan, fixed user account panel.
    v0.4.6 - Fixed TLS connection issues, can add computer with blank password.
    v0.4.5 - Added warning if Intel AMT firmware requires update (See here).
    v0.4.4 - Added mutli-desktop support & MicroLMS Intel AMT version checking.
    v0.4.3 - Added Alarm Clock support.
    v0.4.2 - Bug fixes with HTTP pipe-lining.
    v0.4.1 - Fixed Kerberos support.
    v0.4.0 - Fixed IDE-R timeout values, added SCCM add-on power on confirmation.
    v0.3.8 - Added built-in Certificate Manager.
    v0.3.7 - Intel AMT 6.x KVM support, update notification fixes and more.
    v0.3.6 - Lots of fixes. Improved TLS and user consent handling.
    v0.3.5 - Added TLS connection certificate viewer and certificate pinning.
    v0.3.4 - Huge pile of bug fixes.
    v0.3.3 - Update notification, user consent fixes, many improvements.
    v0.3.2 - Fixed WIFI configuration on Intel® Compute Stick, improved speed.
    v0.3.1 - Added event subscriptions, fixes lockups.
    v0.3.0 - Added custom power actions, user consent support for IDE-R.
    v0.2.9 - Added F1 to F12 keys support in terminal, SCCM Wake support.
    v0.2.8 - Added support for Intel AMT 5.x
    v0.2.7 - Fixed password check and IDE-R boot to CDROM.
    v0.2.6 - UTF8 Terminal Enumeration, improved installer & SCCM add-in.
    v0.2.5 - Fixed Kerberos, Installer Size, CIRA configuration issues.
    v0.2.4 - Added IDER support in .exe version, improved KVM full screen.
    v0.2.3 - Added Microsoft SCCM add-in and IIS versions to installer, bug fixes.
    v0.2.2 - Added Kerberos support on standalone version.
    v0.2.1 - Added NodeJS support, bug fixes.
    v0.2.0 - Bug fixes, scripting blocks now auto-load.
    v0.1.9 - Added block scripting support. Now works with Linux nw.js.
    v0.1.8 - Added batch scripting, run a script on many computers at once.
    v0.1.7 - First version with Intel AMT scripting support.
    v0.1.6 - Added Agent Presence support and built an Agent Presence Monitor tool.
    v0.1.5 - Bug fixes, improved KVM viewer.
    v0.1.4 - Added support for System Defense (Circuit Breaker).
    v0.1.3 - Added Environment Detection & CIRA configuration.
    v0.1.2 - Many more bug fixes, latest NW.js, added Switchbox to source package.
    v0.1.0 - Added network settings, certificates. Many improvements.
    v0.0.7 - Added WIFI support, documentation, webrelay.ashx, server side credentials.
    v0.0.6 - Added Intel AMT feature selector and user consent selector and other fixes.
    v0.0.5 - More improvements & samples including KVM and SOL samples.
    v0.0.4 - Many improvements, Meshcentral transport, KVM rotation.
    v0.0.3 - Added IIS images, IE9 and IE10 support.
    v0.0.2 - Added IIS hosted version to source package.
    v0.0.1 - Initial version, early development.