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This project a generic peer-to-peer mesh networking project. It's a small software that when installed on many computer forms a mesh of computers with each one monitoring the others and propagating information about nodes efficiently. This project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. The mesh agent software is entirely written in C with supporting control applications in C#. The agent and control applications run on Windows and Linux, 32/64bit, IPv4 & IPv6. MONO is required to run the control applications on Linux. These mesh tools can optional be used along with our experimental cloud server at


 Mesh software simple installer v0.1.10
 MSI Installer, View License
 Mesh software source code v0.1.10
 RAR Archive, Source Code, View License

    v0.1.10 - .NET Framework 4.0, many updates and fixes.
    v0.1.09 - Fixed the KVM client not connecting the latest Mesh agent.
    v0.1.05 - Lots more fixed and features including direct connect over UDP.
    v0.1.03 - Added support for custom mesh servers.
    v0.0.98 - Improved mesh agent, many bug fixes.
    v0.0.96 - Mesh agent with accelerated remote desktop.
    v0.0.94 - Added automatic proxy support in agent.
    v0.0.92 - Fixed "Signature Failed" and updated Meshcentral Connector.
    v0.0.91 - Added Mesh Messenger tool for API testing.
    v0.0.80 - Added initial remote desktop support.
v0.0.74 - Power Monitoring Tools now uses online data.
v0.0.71 - Added public crash reporting & fixed auto-update.


 Introduction, rationale and business case
 v0.5, PDF File, Web Viewer

 Introduction to installing the mesh
 v0.1, PDF File, Web Viewer
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