Connect to your home or office devices from anywhere in the world using MeshCentral, the open source, remote monitoring and management server. Once installed, each enabled computer will show up in the "My Devices" section of the web site and will be able to perform remote desktop, remote terminal, file transfers and more. Get started by installing a MeshCentral server of your own or if you are not familiar with MeshCentral, you can try the public server at your own risk at You can install your own server on Linux or Windows, it will run on anything from a large cloud instance to a Raspberry Pi. This is still beta code. Your privacy matters: When installing your own MeshCentral server, no usage data or telemetry is collected.



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Update History

Beta 2 - Improved crypto, more stability, many new features. Beta 1 - Mesh Agent support on Windows along with many fixes. Alpha4 - Server files, file sharing and quotas, TLS within CIRA support, NPM installation. Alpha3 - Added multi-tenancy support, configuration file, database schema upgrade, bug fixes. Alpha2 - Added Intel AMT CIRA support, latest MeshCommander. Alpha1 - Initial version, early development.
A more complete update history can be found on Github.