MeshCommander Update History


    v0.9.6 - Updated IMRSDK.dll to Intel AMT SDK, added mouse wheel reverse option.

    v0.9.5 - Removed older redirection basic / digest authentication support.

    v0.9.4 - Can now view and edit Intel AMT 802.1x network authentication profile.

    v0.9.3 - Added mouse wheel support to Intel AMT KVM.

    v0.9.2 - Added Remote Secure Erase and new KVM encoding modes for Intel AMT v16.

    v0.9.1 - Added WIFI profile sync and other fixes.

    v0.9.0 - Added IPv6 support, use [ ] for Intel AMT host name when using IPv6 address.

    v0.8.9 - Fixed UTC time handling, WSMAN parsing error.

    v0.8.8 - Fixed power action error.

    v0.8.7 - Kerberos fix, certificate import fix.

    v0.8.6 - Multi language support, IDER fixes, KVM recording and playback.

    v0.8.5 - More KVM fixes, new IDER traffic logging option.

    v0.8.4 - Fixed KVM error.

    v0.8.3 - Improved WSMAN and KVM performance, especially on IE.

    v0.8.2 - Much improved state polling for Intel AMT 10 and higher.

    v0.8.1 - Added quick TLS setup feature and fixed many bugs.

    v0.8.0 - Many bug fixes, support for OS power state commands, improved CIRA proxy support.

    v0.7.9 - Added session recording player, IMRSDK.dll IDER is default, Shift-IDER for JS version.

    v0.7.8 - Mutual-Auth TLS fixed, Wake Alarm fixes, Clock Sync.

    v0.7.7 - IDER update and drag & drop .img/.iso files to start IDER.

    v0.7.6 - Improved Kerberos handling, Digest Realm pinning, bug fixes.

    v0.7.5 - Added JavaScript IDER module in many variations of MeshCommander.

    v0.7.4 - Fixed Wake Alert bug and added support for "Enforce Secure Boot" option.

    v0.7.3 - Added support for Client Initiated Local Access (CILA) on Intel® AMT 11.6 and above.

    v0.7.2 - Fixed return key (CR+LF / LF) setting in terminal.

    v0.7.1 - More user interface improvements and bug fixes.

    v0.7.0 - You can now connect to MeshCentral2, more UI improvements.

    v0.6.9 - Improved user interface, bug fixes.

    v0.6.8 - View-only and special keys in KVM, updated TLS setup.

    v0.6.7 - Fixed boot order problem, added PEM certificate format support.

    v0.6.6 - Fixed power action issue.

    v0.6.5 - Improved support for Intel® Remote Secure Erase and many fixes.

    v0.6.4 - Standard manageability fix, added -log:[file] and -norefresh support.

    v0.6.3 - Fixed Serial-over-LAN, added power action debug.

    v0.6.2 - Added device grouping and KVM screen blanking.

    v0.6.1 - Bug fixes, reconnects KVM on power transitions.

    v0.6.0 - Improved WIFI profile validation, fixed a version problem in previous rev.

    v0.5.9 - Fixed problem with setting a static IP address.

    v0.5.8 - Fixed IDER+TLS and wireless configuration on some systems.

    v0.5.7 - Improved custom power actions, computer list up/down keys.

    v0.5.6 - Fixed computer list UI and rapid disconnect/reconnect issue.

    v0.5.5 - Added support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.

    v0.5.4 - Bug fixes, Event subscription scripting and more.

    v0.5.3 - Improved certification management and mutual-TLS support.

    v0.5.2 - Added IDER support over TLS connections.

    v0.5.1 - Fixed boot to diagnostic mode.

    v0.5.0 - Added RCMP detection & scan, fixed user account panel.

    v0.4.6 - Fixed TLS connection issues, can add computer with blank password.

    v0.4.5 - Added warning if Intel AMT firmware requires update (See here).

    v0.4.4 - Added mutli-desktop support & MicroLMS Intel AMT version checking.

    v0.4.3 - Added Alarm Clock support.

    v0.4.2 - Bug fixes with HTTP pipe-lining.

    v0.4.1 - Fixed Kerberos support.

    v0.4.0 - Fixed IDE-R timeout values, added SCCM add-on power on confirmation.

    v0.3.8 - Added built-in Certificate Manager.

    v0.3.7 - Intel AMT 6.x KVM support, update notification fixes and more.

    v0.3.6 - Lots of fixes. Improved TLS and user consent handling.

    v0.3.5 - Added TLS connection certificate viewer and certificate pinning.

    v0.3.4 - Huge pile of bug fixes.

    v0.3.3 - Update notification, user consent fixes, many improvements.

    v0.3.2 - Fixed WIFI configuration on Intel® Compute Stick, improved speed.

    v0.3.1 - Added event subscriptions, fixes lockups.

    v0.3.0 - Added custom power actions, user consent support for IDE-R.

    v0.2.9 - Added F1 to F12 keys support in terminal, SCCM Wake support.

    v0.2.8 - Added support for Intel AMT 5.x

    v0.2.7 - Fixed password check and IDE-R boot to CDROM.

    v0.2.6 - UTF8 Terminal Enumeration, improved installer & SCCM add-in.

    v0.2.5 - Fixed Kerberos, Installer Size, CIRA configuration issues.

    v0.2.4 - Added IDER support in .exe version, improved KVM full screen.

    v0.2.3 - Added Microsoft SCCM add-in and IIS versions to installer, bug fixes.

    v0.2.2 - Added Kerberos support on standalone version.

    v0.2.1 - Added NodeJS support, bug fixes.

    v0.2.0 - Bug fixes, scripting blocks now auto-load.

    v0.1.9 - Added block scripting support. Now works with Linux nw.js.

    v0.1.8 - Added batch scripting, run a script on many computers at once.

    v0.1.7 - First version with Intel AMT scripting support.

    v0.1.6 - Added Agent Presence support and built an Agent Presence Monitor tool.

    v0.1.5 - Bug fixes, improved KVM viewer.

    v0.1.4 - Added support for System Defense (Circuit Breaker).

    v0.1.3 - Added Environment Detection & CIRA configuration.

    v0.1.2 - Many more bug fixes, latest NW.js, added Switchbox to source package.

    v0.1.0 - Added network settings, certificates. Many improvements.

    v0.0.7 - Added WIFI support, documentation, webrelay.ashx, server side credentials.

    v0.0.6 - Added Intel AMT feature selector and user consent selector and other fixes.

    v0.0.5 - More improvements & samples including KVM and SOL samples.

    v0.0.4 - Many improvements, Meshcentral transport, KVM rotation.

    v0.0.3 - Added IIS images, IE9 and IE10 support.

    v0.0.2 - Added IIS hosted version to source package.

    v0.0.1 - Initial version, early development.