MeshCmd, also called “MeshCommand” is a open source command line tool that runs on both Windows and Linux and used to perform many tasks related to computer management. As the tool continues to evolve, it will continue to be improved and acquire more features. Broadly, the tool is intended to perform three sets of tasks.

MeshCentral command line operations.

There are command line operations that relate to interacting with the MeshCentral server. Currently on TCP traffic routing is available to route traffic from your computer to a remote computer on the internet thru a MeshCentral2 server.

Intel® AMT local actions.

If you happen to have Intel AMT on your computer, MeshCmd can take a look at the version and activation status, activate and de-activate Intel AMT, provide LMS services, runs MeshCommander for LMS and much more.

Intel® AMT remote actions.

Whether you have Intel AMT on your local computer or a remote computer on your network, MeshCmd can help unlock the features Intel AMT provides. From getting the state of Intel AMT remotely to running configuration scripts and loading MeshCommander into Intel AMT web storage. A full version of MeshCommander is included within MeshCmd.

To get started, take a look at the tutorial video, user guide and download MeshCmd for your computer.


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