Intel has ended support for these tools. Please contract Intel support for alternatives.

MDTK has been replaced with MeshCommander.

A set of open source tools for management for computer that support Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) . This package includes many tools and source code for developers interested in building their own application or users who want to learn about Intel® AMT. It's internationalized into English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French thanks to community support. The source is compiled using Visual Studio 2010 and all of the tools will run in true 64bit on platforms that support it. When possible, these tools have also been enhanced to make use of the peer-to-peer networking system also available on this site.


Update History

    v0.1.34 - Added DDR4 support, fixed bad setup.bin generation.    v0.1.33 - Updated to use .NET Framework 4.0.    v0.1.30 - Updated openssl.exe.    v0.1.29 - Commander can now connect to any Mesh server.    v0.1.28 - Added latest support for Intel AMT audit log.    v0.1.18 - Fixed Intel AMT time conversion, grayed out Reboot to BIOS from S1/S3.    v0.1.17 - Improved provisioning logs and anti-flicker in Director.    v0.1.16 - Slow Commander load fix, manual user consent in terminal.    v0.1.15 - Fixed Outpost serial agent not receiving data on some Intel AMT.    v0.1.14 - Fixed Director PKI provisioning when not running as administrator.    v0.1.13 - Support KVM to Intel AMT redirection port using any VNC client.    v0.1.05 - Now compiled with Visual Studio 2012, new WiX installer.    v0.1.00 - Added WSMAN support during TLS-PSK/PKI provisioning.    v0.0.97 - WSMAN speedup & added some WSMAN support in Director.    v0.0.96 - Added user consent support.    v0.0.95 - Fixed language issues.    v0.0.92 - Fixed file access errors, WSMAN remote control operations.    v0.0.89 - Plenty more Commander UI fixes.    v0.0.88 - More IMRSDK fixes, added TLS control.    v0.0.83 - Fixed WS-MAN with Kerberos support. Added Mesh/CIRA setup.    v0.0.81 - Workaround for broken IMRSDK_x64.dll.    v0.0.80 - Fixed WSMAN-only connections.    v0.0.79 - Fixed asset viewer in Commander.    v0.0.77 - Added Host Based Provisioning (HBP) in Commander & Outpost.    v0.0.76 - Removed Switchbox, replaced with Mesh.    v0.0.75 - Fixed the disconnect button.    v0.0.74 - Fixed Outpost when not running as administrator.    v0.0.73 - Fixed Outpost Agent Power Commands.    v0.0.72 - Added new MEI calls, Fixed Outpost with no Circuit Breaker.    v0.0.70 - Fixed 3PDS support on 64bit computers.    v0.0.69 - Added SHA2 support for Intel AMT 6.0+.    v0.0.66 - Added automatic proxy setup to mesh agent.    v0.0.60 - Updated WSMAN support in core stack.    v0.0.58 - Added public crash reporting & fixed auto-update.