Translator Tool

Intel has ended support for these tools. Please contract Intel support for alternatives.

This open source tools makes it easier to internationalize .NET application into many languages. This tool will parse all of the resources files (.resx) in a complete directory tree and generate a full dictionary of all of the strings in many languages. This tools can then be used to translate the strings or export and import them in other formats. We also support Google Translate to make it easy to get started with translations. Once done, simply point the tool back at a parent folder and strings will be re-injected back into resource files. If translations in a new language exist, new resource files will be created automatically. In the past, this tool has been used to internationalize projects into English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean... with a little Hebrew to check right to left support.This tool can also help non-developers translate other projects without having to deal with any code. Of course, all language strings in a project have to be correctly placed into resources files. If code is poorly written from an internalization perspective, this tool will not help. For example, no source code files are ever changed. This tool makes use of .NET version 3.5 because it uses a new text control that allows for spell checking.