Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies

Intel has ended support for these tools. Please contract Intel support for alternatives.

The Developer Tools for UPnP™ Technologies is a set of development and reference tools for creating software that is compatible with the UPnP specifications. These tools includes generic devices and control points, stack generation tools and UPnP AV debug and reference tools. Most of the tools are written in C# but small C/C++ stack can also be generated. This project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. These tools are not by themselves compliant with the UPnP specification since they have never been on their own tested to pass the tests of the UPnP Forum. While there is no guaranty, these tools should be helpful to developers and testers building solutions that are compatible or can be certified to be UPnP compliant. In all, there are over 10 tools in this package that range from low-level debugging to full reference tools.The UPnP Forum publishes all the specifications around UPnP. They publish device description documents and have a certification program. If you are building a UPnP device or software, consider joining the forum.


Update History

    v0.0.68 - Added fixes from Frank, mostly in UPnPMicrostack.c (Thank you!).    v0.0.67 - Added high CPU fix submitted by Steve (Amazing work! Thank you!).    v0.0.64 - Updated Android Stack. Added UPnP stack fix.    v0.0.61 - Updated Android Stack.    v0.0.58 - Visual Studio 2012, WiX Installer & Android Stack update.    v0.0.55 - Fixed malloc crash in Microstack, improved Device Builder.    v0.0.54 - Fixed AV Wizard and AV Media Controller.    v0.0.51 - Fixed "Error Generating Code" error when generating Android stack.    v0.0.50 - Added all new Java based Android stack in Device Builder, fixed auto-update.    v0.0.49 - Added experimental DeviceProtection and other samples in source package.    v0.0.48 - Fixed auto-update "Signature failed", updated Network Light.    v0.0.46 - Added Mac OS X and Android support in Device Builder.    v0.0.43 - Added walkaround, tools can now see Windows Home Servers.    v0.0.42 - Fixed major issue with AV Media Controller.    v0.0.39 - Fixed three bugs in C# code generation.    v0.0.38 - Fixed embedded device support in Device Builder C code.    v0.0.37 - Fixed event corruption in Device Builder C code.    v0.0.35 - Fixed all compiler warnings in Device Builder C code.    v0.0.33 - Fixed C Microstack IPv4 loopback support.    v0.0.32 - Added public crash reporting & fixed auto-update.    v0.0.30 - Fixed some devices not showing up in DeviceSpy.    v0.0.28 - Fixed IPv6 multicast now depends on address scope (Both C#/C stacks).    v0.0.26 - Fixed SSDP discovery in Linux C stack generated by Device Builder.    v0.0.24 - Device Spy and Device Sniffer now work on Linux/MONO.
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