WebRTC Stack

Intel has ended support for these tools. Please contract Intel support for alternatives.

This open source WebRTC data channel stack is built in pure portable C code and has C# bindings along with a full C# sample application. Using this, you can add WebRTC data connection capability to most native applications. The stack makes use of OpenSSL for security and dTLS. It's a great way to learn about how WebRTC works or for advanced developers, use it to make native and web applications work together over the Internet.This is the same WebRTC stack used in the Mesh Agent of Meshcentral.com, the open source computer management and monitoring web site. The stack is data channel only, it does not do audio/video which is useful for many types of usages. For example communication between different versions of a game with some players are using native code and some using web applications. We use it for secure and scalable remote desktop and file transfers.


Update History

    v0.10 - Switched to OpenSSL 1.1 and support for latest browsers.    v0.9 - Update for latest Chrome changes and many bug fixes.    v0.8 - Improvements to the TURN server.    v0.7 - Bug fixes.    v0.6 - Fixed to work with latest Chrome & Firefox.    v0.5 - Fixed connection problem with FireFox 37.    v0.4 - Corrected packet retry and flow control system.    v0.3 - Updated WebRTC stack and improved C sample.    v0.2 - Added C sample and Linux support.    v0.1 - First version.